Character Selection Screen


A Musical Journey into “The Depths of ASHcalon”

I am thrilled to unveil the first installment of a musical odyssey into the fantastical realm of “The Depths of ASHcalon”, with the first composition  “Character Selection Screen.” In this captivating piece, I invite you to embark on a journey alongside our diverse cast of heroes as they prepare to venture into the unknown.

In “Character Selection Screen,” each character is brought to life through evocative musical miniatures. From the valiant Paladin to the enigmatic Prophet, the music paints vivid portraits of these iconic figures, capturing their essence and role within the fantasy world.

Paladin / Paladín

A noble and valiant warrior, dedicated to upholding justice and protecting the innocent.

Alchemist / Alquimista

A master of potions and elixirs, skilled in the mystical arts of alchemy and potion-making.

Little Robots / Robotcitos

Playful and curious mechanical companions, each with unique abilities and personalities.

Prophet / Profeta

A mysterious seer with the gift of foresight, guiding the heroes with cryptic visions and wisdom.