Dreaming Is Free: Daring Musical Journey Fueled By Love

Immersed in London’s rich blend of history, music, and art, I discovered my passion for music early on. I found inspiration in the diverse landscapes of musical expression—from the grand stages featuring world-renowned symphony orchestras and soloists to the intimate charm of lunchtime recitals in historic venues.

I owe a big deal of gratitude to all my mentors, in particular:

Penelope Roskell – Head of EPTA UK and my Piano teacher at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, who helped develop my artistry with her unique “Complete Pianist” phylosophy.

My Mentors

Quite a few people have helped me on my journey: Professors from BMYT, KIPC, Chetams, RCMJD, Trinity Laban, and also other pianists in the various festivals, competitions, masterclasses and summer courses that I have attended.


A young 11 years old Ashley Solano in a private recital.

I aim to embody the enduring spirit of a versatile artist.
With unwavering passion, exploring the realms of composition, improvisation, teaching, and performance, embracing the richness found in each facet of musical expression.

My recitals have a fine balance of music from the great masters, contemporary composers and my own compositions, spiced up with a tinge of latino american music and even jazz.

Commited to bringin the joy of music to as many people as possible, I took my Autumn 2023 recital series to Churches, Concert Halls, private residencies, online streams and even train stations.